Paparazzi Consultant Gear

The designs on this page were created with paparazzi independent consultants in mind. Shirts are available in sizes S-5X. Masks will read “$5 Bling Queen”. If you would like your name instead, please let me know.

Pricing is as follows:

$12 solid color shirt
$15 glitter shirt*
$6 solid color mask
$7 glitter mask

OR, bundle and SAVE!

$17 solid shirt/mask bundle
$20 glitter shirt* and mask bundle

Add ons:

+$2 for 2X
+$3 for 3X-5X

*For the Like/Love style, the name and “paparazzi independent consultant” will be in glitter, the rest is solid. For all glitter text on this design, add $5

Please reference the design name below each shirt when placing an order.

If you would like to create a custom design or to add some customization to one of the designs shown here, please include this information on the order form.

Thanks for shopping with Simply Minted!



      Bling Queen (or Boss)
           paparazzi thing
                Front/Back – Like, Love, Want


Easter 2020

At this point I can’t even count the number of days I’ve been quarantined. I’d say it has probably been a solid month. Without much interaction with the outside world I thought this would give me more time to craft, but I haven’t had the push I needed… until I realized Easter is tomorrow and I haven’t made my daughter’s basket.

So I finally sat down at my craft station and decided to try a coloring book vinyl design. I ended up with a cute shirt and small canvas bag. These will pair nicely with the few plastic eggs I was able to find in the basement. And it’s actually a bonus because my daughter + candy + quarantine + homeschool + working from home = hyper disaster. Any basket item I can find in place of candy is a solid WIN.

Coloring book t-shirts and bags are available for any occasion. Contact us with special requests.